Time Can Heal Everything

It’s amazing how what time can do..

All you have to do is trusting it..

Surrender completely to the wisdom of life..

No one knows better than it does..

Even if you don’t quite understand it well enough,

Eventually it will come to you like the best case scenario that you’ve ever imagined..

All you have to do is handling yourself so peacefully and trustfully to the universe,

It will do what no one else can do

It will know exactly what to do

And when to do it

Just smile and let go..

Trust, have faith and surrender..

It will come..

Just trust it,

It knows better..

And don’t forget to enjoy the journey along the way..


_Written by me,
oceantoke ©



  • The last post I’ve posted here was in 2015! Almost two years had passed..
    I wrote this post today as a come back for me to word.press 🙂 

    T i m e . .


Just a tiny glimpse about depression..

For all the people who are in that deep hole, you are not alone and someday you’ll be able to see that tiny light there above you.. And in that exact day you may not care about that light coming through that high hole shining on your face like a first kiss, someday only someday, you will be able to glue your pieces together and find the lader out or you could even create one..
Just someday..
And there I’ll be waiting to take your hand out..

_Written by me,
Oceantoke ©

I wrote this after I saw this link below on someone’s blog.
Check the link out you might know something new about depression or you might discover that you are not alone..


Melting Skull

I still remember your fingers moving gently on my scalp among my hair,
That lie effortlessly on the floor..

I still recall how every cell in my body was awakening with each micro move of your heavenly fingers..

I still recall how each hair on my skin got aroused,
Between your angelic charm on my head and my yearning heart beats,
That made me surrender to the holy God in your soul

You was killing every bit of me,
without even knowing it..
You was giving me my first breath,
Without even knowing it..
You killed me alive that night,
Without even knowing it..

And you thought you was the only one spreeing in that damn inebriant toke of passion..

But you was choking me alive that night,
with that overdose of your enamored fumes..

_Written by me,
Oceantoke ©

A chill on that sun kissed skin..

Walking along the ocean..

Feeling the slightly cold breeze teasing their sun kissed skins, as the sand hugs warmly each step they take, while keeping it in place like a magical piece of art..

Those tiny dusty molecules of sand.. Are still on my feet as I take each new step..

Some falls down, leaving.. Letting me move more freely..
Others softly stay on my bare feet, smoothe like a fairy dust..

I feel his index finger…

softly like the lightest sweetest cloud up in this beautiful sky,

Touches my hand like an angel, going up along my arm till my right shoulder..

The sparkling water come across my feet giving me a coolling chill before I could even recover from the chill he painted on my skin..

_Written by me,
Oceantoke ©